Melody Bear Syllabus

The Melody Bear Syllabus has been created by Jill Bridger, a registered Royal Academy of Dance teacher. The syllabus was origionally created to give pre school children a creative and inspiring programme of dance classes which could meet the needs of all children. The addition of Melody Bear and her acheivement stickers encourage the children to participate and continue their dancing as they mature.

In addition to learning a movement vocabulary, spatial awareness and self awareness are also developed. Children learn to dance as individuals moving within the confines of their own space and body development and learn the skills of dancing with a partner or within a group. They learn the importance of teamwork and co-dependance: a discipline they learn to understand through their experience in class. Creative design and pattern awareness is developed in the context of the dance floor area, as an individual dancer and in a class group. It is also a valuble introduction for young children to the principles of theatrecraft.

The syllabus now caters for children upto secondary school age in most genres. 

What is Melody Movement Early Learning?

Melody Movement Early Learning (MMEL) is a creative portfolio of age appropriate dance syllabi, supported by innovative reward schemes, progressing children of all abilities through the fundamentals of Ballet, Tap and Movement.

The all encompassing Syllabi look at the whole student's development including, physical, vocabulary, creative and emotional development through the use of positive behavioural techniquesand language. It is tailored to discovering and fulfilling the potential of each child and nurturing their individual development.

Who is Melody Bear?

Melody Bear is the focal point of the early years syllabi and all her activities, stories, ideas and dreams are told through movement dance and ballet. Melody Bear is 'alive' and the class join her world learning how sound and music, movement, dance and imagination can be combined to tell a story and convey emotions.

Syllabus Name Age
Music & Movement Ages 2 to 4
First Ballet Ages 4 to 5
Foundation Ballet Ages 5 to 6
Tip Tap Toe & Groovy Moves Ages 3 to 4
First Tap & Modern Ages 4 to 5
Foundation Tap and Modern Ages 5 to 6
Junior Ballet Ages 6 to 8
Ballet Classique Ages 8 to 10
Le Grand Ballet Classique Ages 10 to 12

Up coming events

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Our next anual show will be held at York Barbican on Sunday 3rd March 2019

Recent Achievements

At the recent Dance On! Yorkshire we gained best choreography for the Hunger games, choreographed by Amber Horner.