Lisa Marie Performing Arts

The Lisa Marie Performing Arts is committed to the excellence of teaching dance & drama. All lessons are well structured, fun and friendly. They will help to develop and improve a number of skills and qualities including co-ordination, self-discipline, self-confidence, social skills, and physical fitness.

The benefits that dance & drama education can bring are unlimited which aid in scholastic endeavours and personal growth.

At Lisa Marie Performing Arts we make dancing fun!!!

There are classes available to meet everyone’s needs whatever age or ability. All teachers are qualified with the International Dance Teachers Association, the Royal Academy of Dance and the United Kingdom Alliance and are well experienced in teaching dance & drama.

The school has grown during the past years to have an excess of 100 students covering Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Contempory, Street, Commercial, Gymnastics, Show Class and Drama.

From the beginning we have been fortunate to have a diverse group of energetic, friendly and fun loving children of all ages. With the effort of the children, teachers and parents The Lisa Marie Performing Arts is a school that people can trust to learn in a safe and fun environment.

The growth of the children’s abilities has been the success story so far and most of the children have been involved in Dance Festivals and Competitions winning awards and gaining certificates. Some of our children dance with professionals at the local York Theatres in Christmas Pantomimes and other productions. The Lisa Marie Performing Arts has performed a number of dance shows around Yorkshire and we regularly go to Blackpool to dance on the largest stage in Europe. We undertake our own shows on a professional stage along with our involvement in Summer Fairs and other charitable events.

We look forward to welcoming your child to join in the fun!!!

Dance Caper 2018

Children have the chance to take Ballet, Tap and Modern Examinations with the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) exam board at various times throughout the year. Each grade has a seperate lesson to progress the barre and centre exersizes ready for the exam.

Children have the chance to compete in various dance competitions and showcases throughout the year as part of the Lisa Marie Dance Company (LMDC), but everyone is welcome to enter solos, duets and trios in many different events and competitions around the UK throughout the year.

Up coming events

*** Exciting News ***


Our next anual show will be held at York Barbican on Sunday 3rd March 2019

Recent Achievements

At the recent Dance On! Yorkshire we gained best choreography for the Hunger games, choreographed by Amber Horner.